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Latest Comments for 419-212

June 20 3:23 am
Use these codes 100 000-0 , 000 000-0 , 000 000-0001 try and see it works

June 20 11:55 am
They call everyday and hang up.

June 20 11:58 pm
prank call? not sure but kept calling and calling me until I got a voice mail which seemed to be like an asian old woman w/ a strong and creepy accent cursin,,

June 20 12:07 pm
Anytime someone calls you who you don't know... Simply don't Nswer the call. Let me leave their info on your mAchine. It will cut down on fraudulent calls. Most wont leave info cause then it's traceable.

June 20 11:08 pm
SAME B*****DS _ How to Stop them; If I could 'get' close enough... 44 Mag. between their eyes!!!

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