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Latest Comments for 419-234

2016-03-17 15:42:53
i got this today! i\'m in california seems that she is from alabama,

2016-03-17 18:06:17
i received a call from someone with a foreign accent for my room mate.  i told the man she was unavailable then he asked for her cell #, i told him I wouldnt give him that information.  he then asked was I married, I told him that was not his concern.  I asked him for his employee # or licensing info and he said why would i need that.  I asked for his manager he said he was the manager (yeah right) then asked for my room mate\'s cell, which i advised him I wouldnt give that to him.  Then he called me a stupid b@tch so I told him to hold while I called the police for harassment, which he then hung up.  I called the # back and got a nice foreign lady and asked could I speak to the real manager and guess who i got, the same man. Which he cursed my out again.   Calling police department to see what they say.

2016-03-17 21:43:44
called me 9 times in less than 5 minuts, plzzzz do not call me from this f.... number. i did report as spam call in, but they continue calling.

2016-03-17 00:24:04
I signed up on that website 3 years ago & STILL receive spam calls. Ive had the same # for 8 years

2016-03-17 00:58:27
thats because Verizon & Comcast Are owned by BellMedia aka Bell Canada main provider & telemarketers & robocallers go to them to get the list of numbers & different numbers to use

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