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Latest Comments for 419-641

2016-07-26 01:41:39
Don\'t hold anything against an electrical contractor. These guys target the electrical industry, and they come off at first as a respectable business with good ethics and a moral compass that is pointing in the right direction... THEN!!!

2016-07-26 22:39:17
yes, they called me 5 times so far.. i am trying to see who called me from that number... can u help me

2016-07-26 19:51:41
Said i had a bad check for fraud and to get my attorney to call them. These people call all the time and uses different phone numbers. I do not deal with debt collectors cause their are to many scammers out there. Especially someone i do not know and from a different state.

2016-07-26 00:02:57
Nobody named L7 SCVC CALL as supposedly in service call has any reason to be calling- especially if we have NOTHING that is waiting on any type of a service call. Dont answer, dont press any numbers or you will affirm you are a live number to them.

2016-07-26 00:26:16
I am getting about 10 different numbers calling nearly 3 times each a day. One.including 000.000.0 and another four digit number. I am a Verizon user.

2016-07-26 06:36:42
I did this and I got more calls. They sell your number. you are exposing your number by submitting it to them. It is a scare tactic. I cant stop the calls!

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