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Latest Comments for 423-318

January 27 6:59 pm
Again today on my cell while I was at work. Left message stating they would be bringing papers by tomorrow between twelve and three at the address I gave them. I HAVENT talked to them. These people are up to no good. Second day in a row.

January 8 4:02 am
They tried me with the same thing. He was going to try and get you to send him money to get the $7000.. lol i was so mad

January 25 12:51 am
I received calls from this number many times a day for the last two weeks and was asked to press 1 to talk to someone and I did a few times but no one answer until today. Someone with a strong eastern accent and I had a hard time figuring out if it was a she or a he, but anyway she/he came to the phone and she/he has my physical address, email & last 4 of my SSN and my bank institute information. She said that NLU Financial is filing criminal complaints toward me for a loan she/he claims that I applied online using my checking account as collateral to pay them within 2 weeks. I asked for the amount & and transaction date and mail me the documents but she/he tried to avoid answering me. She/he threaten that THEY as in NLU Finacial is really moving forward with criminal charge if I dont respond within 24 hrs and also said that I should get a lawyer. I got upset, yelled at her/him and hung up. 30 minutes later, I called back and another guy picked up and I asked for the company name, he said its LNB Mediation and I requested to talk to that lady/guy and she/he came to the phone then said we spoke then she/he hung up. Im waiting if they will call again.

January 15 4:25 am
Didn't answer rang for 2 min wanted last time answered wanted to set me up with a instance

January 15 5:43 pm
I have received call from this 1401925008 i am not able to get who is number is this when i call back it is not able connect Call

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