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Latest Comments for 424-653

January 24 8:28 pm
Am on do-not-call registry (have been for years), three days after I renewed, I get a robocall from these folks, starts with claim Id won a cruise. Possibly they are calling new adds to the do not call list in the first 31 days?

January 14 3:07 am
Came in on my cell. I also was granted $9,000 - I hung up.

January 12 9:06 pm
dont do outcalls to this guy creep

January 9 6:33 pm
Just got this call now and I did not answer since it was unknown.  they did not leave a message.  Love the response from BuzyBob above.  Made me laugh.   I am getting a lot of these telemarketers these days!

January 12 3:51 pm
The phone # 828-267-9873 belongs to a : Valerie Saddler, 713 4th. ave NE, Hickory NC 29601...Send her lots of junk mail and see how she likes it...

January 27 1:26 pm
It is a scam!  I fell for it and got totally ripped off.  They sent me the free product that all I had to pay was the $3.95 for shipping.  They sent me a large bottle of Colon Cleanse with only 15 pills in it.  I checked the ingredients, the exact same ingredients as the product called Colon Clenz sold at Wal Mart for about $8.  I wanted to cancel but there was no information as to where to cancel, no telephone number or anything.  I finally got the "supposedly free" $25 gas card and another card for discounts on hotels, restaurants, etc.  I called that number and told them I don't want any of it, cancel absolutely everything, for which they told me I would not received anything else.  They said it was cancelled, but they lied.  This past Monday I got another shipment and they charged my credit card a whopping $89 for a product I can get for $8 at Wal Mart.  When I called they were very rude and said they will not take it back.  They said I had to call to cancel within 14 days, I said they didn't send contact information with the original shipment and when I got the other things I called.  They claim I never called to cancel.  They now say it is cancelled, but we will see.  They have my credit card number and took out money even though I did what I was supposed to do and cancel.  Buyers beware!

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