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Latest Comments for 432-343

January 6 4:49 am
What a dumb-a^^ Stupid reply!... Are you over the age of 12?!!! This has been going on for 30, nay 40 years!!!Wait for-it,...wait for-it. after 36 hrs cant sleep, some... Dip-sh*t wants to call you on their Idea of a schedule?!!!Grow the f*ck-up. There is more to life than your little f*ckin ideology!.

January 9 2:42 am
The donotcall site doesnt work. If they use an auto dialer, they will still call you!

January 14 11:21 am
They r asking for some one who don't live here

January 2 7:18 pm
This call was from CLB INS.

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