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Latest Comments for 432-445

December 4 12:52 pm
Got yesterday and today a call from this number; to late to pick up - unable to call back.. scamming, hacking, pranking, or what?

December 4 1:24 am
thats because Verizon & Comcast Are owned by BellMedia aka Bell Canada main provider & telemarketers & robocallers go to them to get the list of numbers & different numbers to use

December 4 2:29 pm
I dont mind the NRA sending me junk mail but these phone calls drive me nuts. I contacted them and told them that they are turning people against them with these phone calls. They will take you off their calling list if you tell them to.There are far too many unsolicited phone calls that people have to deal with if you have a land line. A lot of people simply give up their land lines and only use cell phones and some people have their entire existence wrapped up in their cell phones.I dont want to live like that. I want to have a home phone and a mobile phone that I only use when I have to. When Im away from home I dont want to be on the phone all the time and when Im at home I want my privacy and only want to be contacted by family, freinds, and business associates.

December 4 11:59 am
Think he can get a lower rate because he THINKS he's handsome

December 4 11:38 am
ex stalker cop killer David curry aka David thomas

December 4 10:28 am
Some idiot called and very rudely asked who I am.

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