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Latest Comments for 440-237

January 3 1:04 pm
Were Registered on the DNC list and have been for a long time and I get 10 or 12 annoying telemarketer calls a day. It does no good

January 9 5:51 pm
These jokers are scam artists.The number doesnt match with the canned voice of a recording on my answering machine.They are not as thought directly affiliated with GE Capitol.GE Capitol doesnt have any way to check or process requests from this number.The muddled recording cited the name of a bank that I couldnt quite identify.I searched for two as the name sounded so much alike.One of the banks if I lived there would get my business.The other was syncronicity bank out of New Jersey.That is affiliated with GE Capitol but is not networked.Dont bother to call the bank in New Jersey.They are good but will transfer you.The transferal renders you unable to hear anything.They then will blame you for their phone problems.Oh yeah and I dont have accounts with that bank and never have.I dont owe them one red cent.Yet I am being bothered by hang up calls from them.Please explain that if you can.

January 2 3:59 am
unsolicited text saying I won an iPhone 5. Directs recipient to*** which is not the actual apple site but a .info site

January 19 9:42 am
Keep calling from different numerals talking about on line colleges an when u call back the number is not n service

January 24 4:37 pm

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