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January 20 4:47 am
I received my 1st letter from AVC Travel on yesterday and went to Google to check it out. I am so glad that I did!! The call toll free number on mines is: 800 309-8595 and says the same thing stated in all of the messages Ive read here. The only change is the phone number at times and it lists Susan Murray as the Sales Director with her signature. If I do reply, Ill type a statement and put it in the envelope and address her as Dear Grand Scam I know who I am, and we know who you are, north, south, west and east, near and afar! Fold this response and put it in your Cookie Jar!

January 4 5:48 am
The one that came in our mail today was addressed to a woman who lived at this address over 13 years ago! And she died three years ago!

January 10 4:21 pm
got a text from this # asking me to click a link.

January 11 1:02 pm
I just got a call from this number. They called on my cell phone.  Only family members have my cell number so I am thinking that this is a telemarketing scam even though others have said that it is a WHMC or BAMC number.  Whatever it is, it is annoying and a distraction.

January 28 4:55 am
Unsolicited iPad offer scam

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