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January 19 12:11 am
So, if it is just so easy to go get another job, as you suggest anyone who works in a call center do, then why sympathize with all of you on here who say you were laid off? Just go get another job right?I am behind on my bills and I do have a job. I signed up for it. I am the stupid one. Not them. I shouldnt have gotten credit cards to begin with. They are a stupid thing. If I dont have money for something right now, I shouldnt buy it. If I cant afford the emergencies that just happen, then I should learn a lesson and earn a better job. If I cant get one, I need to make myself better and try again. I have learned my lesson and will never allow myself to get in this situation again. If I have to live on the streets as a result, then thats what I have done to myself!If you owe them, you owe them. Suck it up and deal with it. If you dont owe them, take the 25 seconds you spent on here and send them a cease and desist letter. Whats the big deal? If they continue after that, you can make some money off of it!If you have medical issues preventing you from working, send them the letter too. Then, urge all of your family members to plan better financially so it doesnt happen to them. It has nothing to do with feeling sorry for people, or being inhuman. No one is entitled to anything they didnt earn.

January 22 12:24 am
Thank you, I just did and hope this is all I have to do... otherwise we need to report them.

January 20 7:12 pm
they called this morning first time Ive ever gotten this number. he asked for me said she was not home can Itake a message. and he said rudely this is a cell phone and this is u. why are u lying.scared the beekeepers out of me.

January 24 9:17 pm
I have ATT. Got my first call today. Didnt answer. Also in the past have gotten the call about my computer needing fixed. Fell for it and took all day to get the viruses removed that the caller injected.

January 13 3:55 am
The complaint part on the do not call gov site is no longer active. I cant find a way to report a number :-(

January 17 7:32 pm
Some # RJB was calling in the AM on 04/11/2011 ????????

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