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Latest Comments for 480-485

July 19 11:10 am
I received 3 calls from this number and theres no one on the other end of the line.

July 19 4:37 am
I am on the do not call list and Im still getting stupid calls

July 19 9:07 am
Got several calls from dell from indian people, they say they have error reports. They get remote access to your computer and try to sell you maintenance software. They take you to dellconnect and it doesnt accept the code so they connect through third party remote and probably planted something on my pc. They have called me and my dad several times with the same pitch and today I got my first call from 0

July 19 6:18 pm
Its a SCAMHe will send you a PHONEY Cashiers check for more than your asking price and expects you to send him the difference.Make him send you the check tell him you never received it (REALLY PISSES HIM OFF) and hand it over to the Secret Service.If everybody makes him send them a check it will cost him money.

July 19 5:08 pm
Just block is scam saying to install in your home security systems...FBI..blablabla

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