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Latest Comments for 484-560

January 23 10:57 am
No one, but the IRS and state tax people (at least here in South Carolina) can freeze your bank account.

January 3 11:36 am
I myself have received this harrasing calls from this number. This Hindu/Indian guys says that there is a lawsuit against me and how would I take care of it. And then he hangs up and calls again and he sort of laughs and says my name Aleyda how are you takin care of it and I said motha fudger if you dont stop calling me lets see who gets a lawsuit filed againts them for real. He said no need for that goodbye.

January 9 8:12 am
This number is the funniest one to call back. Its a ffraud system where they call you and say they work For a PD. they enter into a computer who they called, what name they left to call back and how to handle the fraud. they want you to call back and asked for ddetective so and so. they look on the computer under the detectives name and transfer you to a male who acts like he is the police ot gain your informagtion. i asked for officer micky mouse and they were so confused and you could hear them figuring out on the computer what the fraud was. great prank back number i store it in my phone.

January 2 11:27 am
I never answer calls if they aren't programed and you should do the same.  This number 310-241-0575 calls me all the time.  I never answer, they never leave a message and after reading all this.  I'm glad - NEVER give your information out to ANYONE you don't know.

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