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January 6 6:15 pm
Most likely a Robotic Call. A machine that just calls numbers in order of the digits. A sure sign of a Scam/Spam call for sure. My wife never gets any of these calls on her Verizon number, but I get one or more seems like every month. A mystery to both of us why she never gets them. Verizon will let you block this number for free for 90 days if you have Verizon. Dont call them back and dont answer their calls. I put them in my address book on my cell as SPAM and then the last 4 digits of their phone number and then put the Ringtone and Message Tone on SILENT or NONE.I meant the last 4 digits of THEIR phone number in the message above this one. Sorry.

January 27 8:39 pm
The phone rang twice then hung up

January 8 8:26 pm
This is the email response I received from a Craigslist ad:

January 15 10:23 pm
Asset Acceptance. Blocked the other number on my cell and now they are using this number... Go suck an egg!!!

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