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Latest Comments for 502-400

January 28 4:12 pm
trying to scam my iphone 6 plus14403327878

January 26 3:00 pm
They tried me with the same thing. He was going to try and get you to send him money to get the $7000.. lol i was so mad

January 4 11:57 am
do not call has not worked for me. AS SOON as i walk in the door, day or nite, or first thing in the am; this stupid number calls. i almost wonder if its a spoofer id. harrassment is ILLEGAL and NO ONE does anything about this.

January 25 1:42 pm
Received call from this number 209 220 1991 but didnt leave a voice message.

January 20 6:14 am
Yes, she called my sister for an interview first. I tried to google her number to see what company she is from and all these messages poped up about here. I called to see what would happen and got her VM. She then called me back saying she has my resume and was trying to get in touch with me. Yeah right....... I'm gomma talk to her and see what she has up her sleve. ;)

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