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August 15 7:28 pm
Your best bet is to simply program your phone to silent ring for calls of this kind. They may call back on another line but as soon as you know its not friends or family then hang up. Dont argue or rationalize.Actually, debt collection agencies cannot harass you. If you are not the debtor then they cannot call you once you request that they stop no matter what excuse they give. You will find that most of these companies are running their operations through a couple of states to make it hard to prosecute them when they break the law. Why would a call center of this type repeatedly call back. Because they document the call as being made to the debtor. Theres some advantage to that. I had a call of this kind for someone with the same name. A person called back a few times after Id said I never had an account with the store. (This was before phones were so programmable.) In that case I called the nationally known midscale department store and told them that I was being harassed. They stopped it. I never stayed on the line to argue but I dont like getting up to answer a phone either. The fastest time I dumped a collector happened once when I received another same name call. The card was of a brand I had. As soon as she said it was in arrears I told her that it was impossible but to give me her company name, address and information and Id give it to my attorney to straighten out. Somewhere in there I think she realized that she was looking for someone single (born to the name) and I had married for mine. She hung up so quickly! I think that the laws against slander and libel would cover calling friends and family of a debtor and telling them that the debtor is in arrears or refuses to pay a bill. Thats probably the most important reason these collection companies operate by making phone calls from one state to another. Im here tonight because I received a call from a number that others have used on this site. I was checking to see if it was a spoof or some other kind of con. It seems it may have been a collector, the person asked for a person with different last name. So many crooks pulling other stunts, its hard to tell.

August 15 4:22 pm
I, as well as many thousands of others, have registered the Do Not Call list with the government. It does not work because i, and the many others, still get the calls. I just got one this afternoon from the 000-000-0 number. The Do Not Call list does not work for most of us but Im glad it works for you.

August 15 9:07 pm
I got a spam text from this # trying to promote pof (on line dating site)!Not cool

August 15 4:04 am
the caller indicated that she was calling for a friend. wanting some information on moving. She did not indicate that she was from LifeCare. She was not trueful about who she was or what she wanted. in our industrie we recieve all types of calls in regards to moving. And have a number of different programs depending on who you are the the services you need. In the future when calling make sure you are trouthful and the person on the other will be more app. to assit you.

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