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November 12 6:23 pm
Its a scam, they called repeatedly so I blocked their number. Then they left a voicemail message: We are sorry we could not speak to you personally...Which is the same phrase used when the real Citibank leaves a message. But if you listen further what the scam lady is saying (female voice) is not exactly what Citibank says.Also her voice just sounds unprofessional, as if she is reading off a cue card. Not a professional recording, just a deceptive part of a scam to steal your credit card information, etc.

November 12 10:35 am
If you have a smart phone w/apps you can download YouMail app & ditch whatever calls you wish to ditch. Your phone will still to g but they will get a recording saying your phone line is out of service & cannot even leave a voicemail. For your contacts in your phone it will address them by the name you have them stored under. Its a cool free app. Ive been using it for sometime due to someone was harassing me but no more after this app.

November 12 1:47 pm
hi jesse iam the 11 year old that talks to u on the chat page that u have on myspace  .and the risin they do not belive u is a kid has been on ur evrey name that u have on chat ok i hope ur not mad but it was not me the kid has got on evrey bodys name the kid well not stop giting on ur name .i love ur music is is so nice i have been lisin to it for 5 years it is graet my mom likes it to butful soul is good i have seen the music video ur very cute . the kid well not stop .

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