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January 11 7:13 am
How did you NOT know they were scammers? They obviously were!! No one will EVER contact you saying you have a virus over the phone. Not unless it is a computer repair shop that you took your computer to in person, and they are calling to tell you that your computer is ready for pickup or something. That is the only possible situation I could think of. And how did they sound pretty legit if they could barely speak English? Lol, ANYWAYS...I got a call from this number and it was a job recruiter/headhunter. This phone number is a GENERAL SKYPE NUMBER. What that means is that its not tied to one person or company in particular, its just a general outgoing number thats displayed when someone is calling you from the computer program Skype. So these reviews are kind of worthless if theyre reviewing one person in particular, because all we know is that they use Skype... which millions of people use.

January 11 12:39 am
I have found the best way to deal with this problem so far is to report it to the FTC. Federal Trade Commission, check out the website.

January 11 6:42 am
I had the exact same answer from them but its always this lady she sounds like shes from somewherein asia maybe Philippines or India I told her that im not interested and to stop calling and she just hangs up but then wait a week then call again saying something is wrong with my computer so I say the same thing its so annoying that they dont understand to [***] off if only we knew the exact number and address oh would they get an ear full now I just ignore them hahah but on day that I wanna scream at someone I pick up hehe but other then that id say ignore them their rude and try to scare you with their stupid scam !

January 11 2:13 pm
Some straight bull "auto loan" I called back some guy sounding dude answer laughing yea hello man whatever....... Scam

January 11 11:14 pm
Keep calling and calling and calling.  This is ridiculous.  Claim to be first financial.

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