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Latest Comments for 505-379

January 25 7:43 pm
I received a call from this number and I answered and it was Walmart Pharmacy saying my prescription was ready. Now I am receiving the calls again and its not them anymore. Im wondering if its a new thing for blocked numbers

January 10 10:35 pm
Just got the same call and I only have a Macintosh.explain that! However, I do know I visited a virus infected site by accident last week. My Mac started sending crazy emails to my contacts, from me.subject my name.just acting strange all together.ITS A VIRUS!

January 19 10:58 pm
This is the number of a marketing firm, Zedd Customer Solutions. They are marketing for XM Radio. Here is the contact info for Corporate Headquarters:325 Milner Avenue Fifth Floor Toronto, Ontario M1B 5N1 Phone: 416-745-1333 Fax: 416-745-1334JR above is correct, you can block the number, but it takes 30 days to take effect.The problem is they have been calling my Cell Phone, which results in a charge of 45 cents per minute for me to tell them not to call !!! I cannot tell if its this company calling as the call display feature does not show Zedd or XM. My cell phone carrier, Rogers, does not show this number on my bill either. I had to phone them and wrestle the number out of a customer service rep.There is something really wrong with a Marketer calling you, and you get the bill .

January 16 8:35 am
So then you would not have a issue sharing address phone number ???

January 23 9:10 am
Watch out for this SCAM company CPS Card Processing Services 1-877-714-9640 They are not a legit company. I did my research only after I got scammed by them and now Im out hundreds of dollars. Just hang up on them if you know whats good for you.

January 11 2:42 pm
trying to sell cable illegally

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