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Latest Comments for 507-995

2016-03-17 04:22:43
I would like to know who the caller is.

2016-03-17 05:09:13
Spam recording for a get rich quick website.

2016-03-17 00:11:31
MAS INC is a collection agency regarding unpaid medical bills

2016-03-17 05:34:09
email with this number on it.

2016-03-17 14:24:15
Got a call from 1-543-234-5454, with a poor tone and trying to help me by fixing my windows computer. I did ask more questions about him and his organization, which he said, his name is Sam and calling from Fremont California and the company called PP World. Such stupid guy, he is trying to fix my computer rather answering the questions.

2016-03-17 05:58:15
To all people who have received a check or have had a check stolen as in my case this is identity theft at its finest. I am away from my family so I send the weekly checks some how thess crooks intercepted the check and made a fake one JP Morgan Chase paper as sent it to my Aunt. They managed to cash my actual check so my family has a fake check and this crook has my money. Needless to say they have your info change your bank account number and everything. Who knows what size the next check maybe that they try to cash. These people obviously study your rhythm and then strike. I will post again with updates. I bank with another bank by the way for web bill and thats how they got me.

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