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Latest Comments for 508-286

January 22 12:21 pm
LOL activation fee dwl some of these scammers have no sense of humour just look a job! dwll

January 4 4:45 am
Does this company is a scam or

January 15 3:26 am
is a crazy person texting the wrong number thinking iam her boyfriend.

January 13 8:06 am
Guy harasses people about their cars for sale, has the initials CB and is 53 years old.

January 11 1:10 am
Officer Jake Wilson calls everyday looking for diffrent people at my job. I have also had this problem with diffrent wierd sounding people.. They are a bunch of crooks who some how stole peoples info. and claim there from Morgan Ins. the funny thing is when they tell you there a officer laugh a little and say ohh really ? they get pissed off. and cuss you out.. Then say okay mr. officers fax me all your info of you and they will hang up.. call them back and they will hang up and cuss you out.. we had fun with them the other day called them and asked for there supervisor and they screamed hes dead.. we record it.. Harrass them daily.. they will stop calling.

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