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January 7 12:38 pm
Called multiple times without leaving a message. Fourth time they called, I had my husband answer the phone. It was a hispanic male asking for the girl. When my husband said you mean my wife? He said, that your [***]?.Obviously trailer trash who is either random calling people or playing some other drunken or drugged out game.Luckily I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with the Blacklist feature. This waste of air wont be calling me anymore!

January 14 8:51 pm
I have a DIGITONE call blocker. I now have peace & quiet in my house & I do not use 4 letter words anymore.

January 15 8:15 am
You are wrong! All of my phones have been on the site since it began and I renew them every 5 years as required. The only ones that do comply are real telemarketers. The ones that call are the scam pros. I dont answer and I win every single time. If they are not on my contact list on the phone they dont get a response. Lovin Life without scum bothering us.

January 9 10:19 pm
Dr. Charles E. Hastey of Montgomery, Alabama. Cardiologist. Mr. Hastey is a Methadone dependent physician that routinely performs proceedures while impaired. Mr. Hastey has previously been in treatment for substance dependence and is currently 60 years old. His failing health and increased use of narcotics should be a concern to any current or prospective patient and to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.

January 5 9:06 am
Recording about lowering interest rates

January 8 9:01 am
NOTICE: THE U.S. DISADVANTAGED INDUSTIRES FOR THE BLIND IS A FRAUD. THEIR ARE NO BLIND PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THIS COMPANY.DO-NOT ORDER ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY. They lie and Trick people into thinking the products are made or packaged by the blind workers. The products are not made or packaged by the blind people.

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