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January 23 1:14 am
Both parties do this.Youre getting calls from Democrats, because the data they have on you makes them think theres a good chance youll vote Democratic. Its usually because of the town you live in. During the special US Senate election in January 2010, I got a LOT of calls and they were almost all from Scott Brown, because my town is mostly Republican. A friend of mine in a wealthy town got calls only from the Democratic candidate.

January 24 5:10 am
A call was made to my cell phone from this number tonight, December 26, 2014 at 6:24 pm. As with all the unwanted calls, no message was left. In the last few weeks I am receiving 4+ calls per day from a lot of different numbers, clearly telemarketing or such. I have had the same number for many years, never with any problem. It has gotten so Im afraid to answer my phone. Can somebody tell me, why have a Do Not Call government list of phone numbers, unless it actually means something. There is clearly no point to having this category. It is simply has no weight.

January 1 9:31 am
Caller left a message that I would soon be served legal action. If I didnt return a call asap I would forfit my legal rights. Lady leaving message was named Janette Alfonzo. She claimed the charges were associated with my Social security number. Im not calling back because I know its a scam. 412-346-1349

January 2 11:57 am
Simple solution! If you have a service where you can forward individual calls to other numbers (e.g. Time Warner phone) then simply pick a number to have the calls forwarded to. In my case, I have calls forwarded to the town dump, other bill collectors, the FBI, The State Police, a brothel in Arizona and finally, a mental hospital. Any one of those options WORK! If the same number tries to call me again, depending on my selection, they may be able to make a date with a hooker or talk to the FBI! In any case, I NEVER hear from them again because the calls are automatically forwarded!

January 3 5:06 pm
It's legit. Asked for an e-mail with more information and received an e-mail from a Student Recruiting Coordinator at HULT International Business School (

January 21 2:56 pm
I agree but why are our husbands accepting these porno vido texts from these women. It blows my mind I to found them on the phone bill when you call the # they dont answer.

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