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Latest Comments for 510-269

June 20 4:22 pm
The call doesnt have to be coming from someone you know. I receive calls from this number a few times a month. The one today was from a man named Raj offering me a great deal on air duct cleaning. Thats when I hung up. I live in Ontario, Canada, so clearly ANYONE who has a gmail account can call you from ANYWHERE for ANYTHING. I just hang up once I hear them start to sell me something. Word to the wise - remember the number and when you see it pop up just ignore the call now that you know its a generic phone number. Or, block the number completely. Do not call list will obviously not block this number as there is no way to know exactly where the call is coming from.

June 20 8:11 pm
Non stop calls to my daughters phone

June 20 7:53 am
The number 314-627-5551 or 314-627-5552 has been calling every day at about 3:15 PM for the past couple of weeks. If I pick up, no one is ever on the other line or it immediately hangs up. Several times the phone disconnected after one ring.

June 20 9:10 am
They call me, but when i answer dont reply

June 20 9:45 am
fbi home break in blah blah

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