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June 20 11:23 am
I just got a call just like that,,, one I filed chapter 7 and all charged off feb 18 2014 a year ago ,,, and I have no debt left not paid or charged off ,,,and the message was very threating

June 20 5:51 pm
Got a phone call from 989-466-1004 advising me that $300.00 was been charged to my TD Visa and wanted toconfirm my card number. Did not give out any info.

June 20 10:39 am
got a text containing this # in the message. text below. scam/spam.Trying out my new FaceBook msg 2 text Ap, Let me know if came through please :) Feel like chatting tonight? Text me! 9182361092sent from my iPhone

June 20 10:00 am
My 8yr. old has a cell phone. If something happens to him, and he needs to contact his mommy/911. Not that my son is ever unsupervised by an adult at all times, due to his age, and a 16yr old would be unsupervised by adults. You should think before you speak. My neighborhood has not a payphone 1 for several miles. Most of the time he has no minutes, but I still have him carrying it with him everywhere. Wheather it has time or not, it can still be used to contact 911. Not to mention if my child is taken by some sick [***], gps can track my baby. One more thing, do you ever watch the news??? Our babies are not safe anywhere. Not in school, not in church, and sometimes not in thier own homes.

June 20 9:27 pm
They claim to know my checking acct and where I live, They also say I can speak to a lawyer who they have in their dept/ They claimed to be from the National Check Registry and that the crime they say I commited was a class B miseminer and a class D felony and my court date will be set for sometime in Oct 2012. I did not commite any crime nor do I owe any online payday advance company.These people are very convincing.I feel sorry for someone who gives them their credit card number to pay the amount they say you owe..They told me $2767.00 but theyd settle for $525.00... Im sure they would but Im not paying a stranger over the phone for something I have no idea what for !

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