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Latest Comments for 512-407

January 17 4:35 pm
Called at 9:30 on Sunday night after I refused a caller claiming I had a computer problem an hour before! Different number but MN number.

January 6 6:53 am
This is the message I received trying to sell my car. Im okay with the price and condition, I am ready to buy it now as a gift for my Son, I am at sea at the moment as i am a marine engineer and due to the nature of my Job,so l wont be able to come and check it?if u can send the recent pic to my email address [email protected]I can believe this guy. Im a veteran and this really pi&$@d me off. I thank everyone for there reports.

January 2 5:05 pm
not likely they will be shut down they are way too big.. and to Bob they are not based out of South Dakota.. they only have offices there. here is a little info on themFrom GE Money Bank is owned by General Electric, and provides consumer, merchant, and business financial services. As the worlds largest retailer finance program provider and a history in financial services that dates back seventy-seven years, GE Money services more than 130 million customers in fifty-five countries around the world.from ---GE Money Bank provides banking services such as mortgage loans, car financing, consumer lending, and international credit cards. The company was incorporated in 1997 and is based in Stavanger, Norway. GE Money Bank operates as a subsidiary of GE Capital Bank AB.

January 9 9:39 am
FIA Card Services...........picked up phone.......stay one comes on..........hang up!

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