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June 20 3:36 am
This person identifying himself as investigator Scheneider, (not sure about the spelling of his last name, or even if that is his real last name), has called both me and my father. He claimed that there would be a warrant for my arrest and extradition if I refused to pay him and this company known as Universal Mediations LLC in Atlanta Georgia for $423 in 24 hours. The so called charge was check fraud for a company I worked with 8 years ago when I lived in Iowa. The amount they claim the check was for, stated $193. When I explained that I had moved from Iowa several years ago and was not notified he acted slightly friendly as if trying to gain my trust. He said to me that he would put me on a conference call with a mediator from Universal Mediations LLC and would work out an agreement. When I got on the phone with this so called last name of Masters, who might have been Tia Gordon herself, also not sure if that is her real name, she acted like she was going back and forth for about 5 minutes or so to discuss the case with the person who was seeking the debt. I explained that I am low income and could not afford the payments. She somehow coerced me into agreeing to pay $80 down, $200 in February and $100 in March because I truly believed that I could be arrested. By this time I am very upset and in tears, I almost went to put payment on the prepaid card and the place, which was Western Union happened to be closed by the time I got there. I called the number she had given me, which was 888-779-8443, and I got an answering machine two times. She finally calls me back but by this time I done some online research and became leery of what I was being told. So I did not take her call and put it through to my voice mail. I had asked her if I could pay in the morning when the place opened before I discovered the unlawful manner in which these two individuals acted. She states on the recording that no it had to go through that day. The next morning I wake up to several left voice messages with the words Process of Warrant. Keep in mind that during my time of online research I found no cases listed under the case number I was provided. I also called Certegy Check Services and they say there is no bad check showing up in their computer, so I asked for written verification to be sent. I do not remember who she was but when I told her thanks for her help and have a nice day she half sarcastically says goodbye and hangs up. The check was suppose to be for Schwanns Food Service. They sent me an email during this time telling me what we agreed on and got my electronic signature before I realized it might be a scam, or at least unprofessional debt collection. One for impersonating law enforcement, because this guy spoofed the call to a court house in Iowa to make it look even more legit, and forwarded it so that he intercepted the call. Two, because a debt collector is not authorized to threaten arrest. I am filing reports to the different police as well as FTC, Attorney General, BBB, and FBI. I also commented on the number to the National Do Not Call List. When I looked it up it says everything from Arlington Virginia to India with several different scams listed, including real estate.

June 20 9:08 pm
I got a text from this number and they knew my first name. I asked who it was and they told me to go to yahoo messenger and search for sammywoman32. I told them I don't have yahoo messenger and they told me that they have bad reception. I told them that I still didn't know who it was cuz they still hadn't told me and there was no reply after that.

June 20 9:32 am
Got 3 calls. Keeps hanging up when I answer. Cannot call back. It rings several times and then clicks off.

June 20 1:07 am
Thanks for thst advice but any time I psy my bill through automated system it never asks for my whole credit card information which is stored just asked if I want to use this card or the other by offering the last 4 digits to my card

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