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Latest Comments for 513-222

January 22 3:15 pm
There is this stanhe call going to everyone if I was you I would not answer the phone very very phoney call 000-000-0 going around area to area I live on the south side my mom is going to raise hell if she does not find out who it is I got the call Friday 2 times dont answer I heard a lady breathing and then say goodbye soon as I find out who it is I swear for good

January 18 4:15 pm
I heard that some calls are made from people who are looking to scam you and that if you answer the call, they have access to info. I am not sure if it is true, but I dont want to take any chances.

January 20 8:32 am
i've had a streak of spam calls this past week, this is one of them

January 1 11:07 am
they call me saying they had some grant or federal money for me already pre approved and I just needed to verify some of my information like my name and my phone number not my address. they gave me some 212 Washington DC phone number to call after to verify or complete the process. I called several times the phone just rung and rung. I called the phone number back several days later and it was disconnected. That was before now they're calling again, block this number!

January 24 7:01 am
I received the same voice recorded telemarketing call from (727) 214-0370 also. I called the number to tell them to stop calling my telephone number with their advertising message, but got another advertising message. I am reporting this unwelcomed and unauthorized telemarketing violation so it can stop ASAP.

January 14 1:16 am
I received the same call a few mins ago. The man said i had filled out an online survey but did not and he did not mention what kind of survey UNTIL I ASKED. It was something like WN Physician/Positions and the quality of the call was shady. I kindly said I didn't sign up and to take my number off their contact list because I didn't not initiate the call.

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