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Latest Comments for 513-794

June 20 3:03 am
just because you register on the government do not call it doesnt mean they will stop calling you. I have been registered on that site for the last 4 years and receive multiple harassing phone calls from telemarketers.

June 20 2:12 pm
I just called these a-holes back three times - they dont answer as the University of Chicago and dont care about our rights to be left alone. I have decided to call them back at least once a day and let them know what a-holes they are. I encourage others to do this as well till they get the message that we are sick of this BS.By the way, whoever states they are legitimate, they told me they with the CDC and there was nothing I could do about them calling me. CDC or university? Hmm..sounds real legit.Lets see if they like getting a call everyday harassing them like they harass others.

June 20 4:57 am
I was served papers from these guys at my job, going to call and see what its in regards to.. Anyone know?

June 20 9:25 am
Got texts with my name, asking me to sign into Y-chat. The sender said that their username was txtflirter43. None of the messages followed a conversational flow. Like they were scripted, to be sent as soon as a reply was sent, or a few minutes apart.

June 20 9:52 pm
just some lady saying I won a free vaction

June 20 2:46 am
One text saying I was deactivated for a credit card. I don't have a card card though anything with this number.

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