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Latest Comments for 513-988

September 21 12:56 pm
I received a call from this number tonight saying they where Telstra & I havent paid my last phone bill, which I have they ask me for my credit card details, I said I don,t believe you are Telstra & they hung up. I have contacted Telstra they have told me they wouldnt, make calls like this. Watch out everyone this is a scam

September 21 12:50 am
Same number calling. Didnt pick up. Left no message...

September 21 2:20 am
Extremely annoying, I am in Europe and the phone (need to be kept on as I have a parent in poor health) kept on ringing in the middle of the night. I sent a text to explain that they should stop calling, yet the next night they called again. I sent another text, the phone stopped They lack a degree of respect and show a rudeness that is mind-boggling for an organisation that stands for a.o. empathy and respect for others.I will not pull-out my support of a sponsor child for World Vision however will blog (and already have advised friends not to use World Vision, instead use other bonafide organisation to work with.

September 21 12:25 pm
16 with a phone are you a dealer?

September 21 7:14 am
Well they just called me n I'm glad I Google the number n it brought me here can I call the police talking bout 7000 do sound good

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