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Latest Comments for 515-419

November 19 9:41 am
When I make call on my Ipad to a phone number it shows up on my phone bills as o. It does not show the number you are calling.

November 19 11:40 am
I can confirm for a fact that this is a scam to get you to buy unnecessary software that serves no actual purpose. They are quite convincing, by getting you to go into your event viewer and look for errors. The thing is, the event viewer will always have a few errors in it from program crashes and minor glitches. Even when everything operates normally, you get warning events that are more advisory than actual errors. Unfortunately, one of my good friend's mother got nailed with this and I've been spending the last 8 hours cleaning up the damage they did. DO NOT let them remotely access your computer, and hang up on them immediately. If you fell for the scam, first off don't feel too bad, but keep in mind a real tech company will NEVER contact you looking for problems like this.

November 19 9:57 pm
Don't answer harassing me

November 19 2:30 pm
Junk cars. I dont have no damn junk car.

November 19 12:04 pm

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