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Latest Comments for 516-794

July 19 9:17 pm
Dont know how many times Ive gotten this phone call, but I guess its the first time from this number. Always the same ruse: They say my PC is infected and they have called to fix the problem. Always the same kind of accent: Indian or Pakistani apparently. They always want to take control of your PC. Played along for ages the first time -- playing dumb as if I had no idea how to do anything on the PC. Wasted a whole bunch of their time. Now, I just block the number. I work from home, and get calls from all over the country, so I have to answer calls, even if I dont recognize the number. But at least the call blocker means these scammers only get through once before being blocked.

July 19 8:19 am
These dumb losers call my fax machine almost every day. Seems they need to update their technology because they waste a lot of time talking to fax tones.

July 19 4:52 am
There kind of like a car insurance company

July 19 5:34 am
automated call asking to enroll in health care. pressing 2 was to contact a human to be placed on the no-call list. the call just ended.

July 19 12:47 am
there is no area code starting with 1.

July 19 4:50 pm
Ladies, this is highly likely a scam. Am guessing the scammer says she's deaf because she does NOT want to talk with you because if you did, you will immediately realize the scammer is a MAN and sticking to emails and texts prevents you from finding out. There are several ways the scam can go -- overpayment with a check and you wire him the difference, buying MK stuff with stolen credit cards, etc. Stay away.

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