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2016-03-17 08:10:37
This number called me,  and some Indian, who barely spoke English, gave me his line of crap.  I told him to send me the paperwork, and I\'ll pass it on to my attorney.  He said, \"f*ck you!\" and hung up.

2016-03-17 18:31:14
I KNEW we would get calls like this today. It happens EVERY TIME we have to call a major US CORPORATE call center - and end up talking to ASIAN INDIANS.It happened this summer - when I had to call ***VERIZON*** due to our land line being accidentally CUT by contractors. The JERK in INDIA would not place a service call unless I gave him a CELL number. When I firmly REFUSED, he cancelled the Service Order; I waited FOUR days for a repair, only to find out there was NO SERVICE ORDER. Then we got **4-6** SPAM CALLS DAILY - including weekends - for 6 weeks before things began to calm down again.Last night my spouse had to call ***SEARS*** about a order for the holidays that their website had messed up. He called and got a real B**CH in INDIA who REFUSED to help him. He hung up, called BACK and THIS time got an AMERICAN in AMERICA. BUT, too late, the INDIAN CALL CENTER got our NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER. Now, all they need is some further PERSONAL INFO, like our SS#s, DOB or Medical Info, and then POOF, they can EASILY STEAL our identities, opening credit in our names, without us even knowing about it, until the bills start to come. Thus, they called today, hoping to procure that info they need to perpetuate their CRIME.So far Ive gotten THREE SPAM calls today, including this one. Although I didnt answer it, others indicate it was ASIAN INDIANS attempting to perpetrate a MEDICAL (Likely IDENTITY THEFT) SCAM.TIME TO OUTLAW US. CORPORATE USE OF OVERSEAS CALL CENTERS. Call your Federal Politicians and ASK for a LAW to be passed.They treat LAW ABIDING AMERICANS like CRIMINALS in our OWN COUNTRY (AIRPORTS) and they IGNORE the OBVIOUS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES and ATTEMPTS that are PERPETUATED DAILY on us FROM FOREIGNERS who INVADE US BY PHONE and TECHNOLOGY!!!

2016-03-17 07:08:05
i bought a panasonic KX-TGEA20. it blocks up to 250 numbers AND it doesnt ring when you get a call youve blocked. it has been my saviour.

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