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Latest Comments for 517-529

December 4 8:55 pm
Called, asked for me and hangs up

December 4 10:13 am
If you name has been on the do not call list for 31 days and you are still getting calls then file a complaint on the site. It is the only way they will know you are still being harrassed

December 4 2:28 am
I had ordered a bright light pillow for someone and this company kept calling and harrassing my phone! I finally called them back and they told me they were calling to confirm my address before they shipped out my item. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! So they read me my address (which I had obviously included on the online order form) and I told them to NEVER CALL MY PHONE AGAIN. I also inquired why they just hadnt left me a message so I could call them back, and they claim they cannot do that. Which is lame and poor customer service. After all was said and done and told them to remove my name from any phone list and I hung up.

December 4 12:41 am
Sent a text responding to a Craigslist ad, kept asking for paypal name over and over, without even seeing the product. So I told him that my paypal is 1800uradick@[***].com.and his response was Thanks, moving company will be there to pick it up when payment clears. So then I told him to get a life, and a real job.Total scam!!

December 4 11:47 pm
WHEN I SEE THE NUMBER 000-000-0, I just hit the exit button. They are no one I know.

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