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Latest Comments for 517-777

2016-07-26 15:29:14
Cardmember Services constantly change their #s and it\'s a never ending cycle even when told...No intrest at all...

2016-07-26 10:10:06
I\'ve received 3 calls from this number so far. I\'ve answered 2 of them. The first time I stayed on the line the see what it was about!! Its started as a recording then a woman got on the line to tell me that I had won a trip. She asked if I was atleast 18 (yes!!) then asked if I had a major credit card (lmao, of course not!!!) then she hung up!!!

2016-07-26 00:51:01
was CBV Collection pretending to be a friend...just harrassing collection agent using different numbers

2016-07-26 12:54:24
Called at 10PM- no response so I hung up. I live in the DC area so 202 is a common area code. Just checking to see what kind of call!

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