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June 20 6:02 am
OMG! Thank you all for your posts! I just had this same thing happen to me on Tuesday. The person that called was Tim Conners and then he connected me to another person named Allen Petersen who advised me that I needed to pay an old payday loan from 2007 or else criminal charges would be filed against me. Scared, I gave them my credit card information and set up pay dates for them to withdraw funds from my account. After reading all of the reports here, I went online today and tried to research the company after they tried to call my husband with the same thing. I couldnt find anything on the internet abourtRSR of Recovery Service Restitution Associates. I tried to call them back at the number they called me from and it only says Allen Peterson, no name of the company mentioned at all and he was unavailable according to the answering machine. I immediately called my back to cancel my card and protect my account. I am very confident that this is a scam company.the number they called from 773-717-5486. Dont Pay!!! Make them send something in writing first!

June 20 6:05 pm
"Google Listing"

June 20 6:17 pm
no phone calls are texts everything goes in outer space from here on

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