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Latest Comments for 520-431

October 15 3:42 am
Are u that desperate to send your pics to some [***] u dont know

October 15 11:34 am
Same as above. Rang twice, answered, nobody there.

October 15 9:41 pm
got a call from 253-246-8586 (forged caller ID, not the real number they are calling from) twice and decided to pick up the second call and got the typical "press 1" recorded message. A guy came on the line and started in with the questions to "qualify" me for their rate reduction services (see, they only want you if they can make big bucks off of you, otherwise they will hang up on your a**!)He actually LIED and said the only reason they were calling me is "because of my good payment history" REALLY? at this point he doesn't have the slightest idea who I am or even what my name is! and apparently he also doesn't know that I don't HAVE a credit card. I hung up the phone without a word and he called me back within a minute from a completely different caller ID number of 949-632-4264 which proves that the first number was forged to hide his identity. He called twice then gave up. This second number is also associated with many scams, abusive calls and Do Not Call list violations.

October 15 1:45 pm
Same story as everyone else. They called my on a public holiday and left the same kind of message re: central standard time and tax file number needed to confirm identity.

October 15 4:46 am
Calls repeatedly; hung up when I answered. Supposedly the "Childrens' Cancer Research Coalition." Called customer service 800-379-8943 to be placed on their do not call list, so we'll see what happens.

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