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July 19 12:41 pm
I received a message and was told this number had called my step mothers home. She said they asked for my asset verification, mentioned wanting me to sign paperwork and it sounded like I owed them money. They gave her this return number and a claim number. I havent lived at their address or used their phone number is 19 years. No clue who it is or how they got that number. Ive tried calling it back and cannot get an answer.

July 19 10:59 pm
You need to enroll in grade school for help with basic English. Maybe a night school.a tutor...anything.

July 19 1:42 pm
Ha-ha. Now you know the downside of a full-time cell phone with or without texting. Yes I have a cell phone but texting is blocked. It is only on when I am out.Understand this --> Its a PHONE!If you are absolutely, positively scared of missing a call or text, then you are addicted! Get help!These are not calls from your carrier...unless you use some schlock carrier who probably supports telemarketers. Any big carrier, Verizon, AT&T, etc, is making truck loads of money from cell phone with the scammers calling your precious cell phone.

July 19 12:12 am
You've won a thousand dollars

July 19 8:39 am

July 19 1:39 pm
Received a call from a company on my caller ID displayed as AA, when he began to speak he told me about a part time job offer in my area,to supplement my income,  when I told him I had a full time job, he asked if I had a websters dictionary in my home, and when I asked why, he said I need to look up the work supplement and was being very rude, so I asked him if he had a dictionary to look up the word "kiss my a**" and then he repeated me and then called me a "moron" I told him I was going to report him to his supervisor and he said "good luck with finding our number" and I told him I was going to report him to the Attorney General, he quickly hung up on me. The guy sounded like a total stoner, was Very rude.

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