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2016-06-20 17:25:43
This is a company that is a headhunting agency that is outsourced to the lowest bidder out of India. They have land line relays in the US and try to \"place\" people at jobs. They are pieces of crap that can\'t speak English well, don\'t give any information, and have NEVER panned out. They get paid per resume they can spam to companies and basically search career builder, monster, dice, etc for jobs they can attempt to place you at.

2016-06-20 13:56:33
Best buy gift card txt spam

2016-06-20 07:19:28
Aint that amazing, the political class has exempted themselves, same as they do for income taxes, Obamacare and on and on. Personally Ive made calls for a candidate, I support, and some people say put me on your do not call list. With a smile I courteously say okay and thanks. Then go to the next number and those people might get called again, this time, by others or in the next election cycle.

2016-06-20 03:29:09
Dave is quite correct. Sorry to burst your bubble

2016-06-20 05:18:40
Some companies check the do not call list for numbers they can then phone - one called told me they got my number from the do not call list. Any company can access it to see if they are allowed to call you.

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