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Latest Comments for 541-396

January 1 12:12 am
I just received a call from this number on my cell phone from this skype user!

January 6 9:06 pm
I left Linda approximately 30 messages. Some included long silences ending in me saying Goodbye in various strange voices. In one I read a Disney World ad that just happened to pop up on my computer, and in another i recommended that she goes bear hunting at the zoo. There are many more but I think you get the picture. Thank you for the number. It was quite amusing, and seeing as shes running a business she will have to listen to all of them because she doesnt know if theyre all prank calls :)

January 9 12:06 pm
Dont want anything received from this number

January 15 10:27 am
Every day, a couple times a day, at all hours of the day/night. No message left. Obviously it's not that important. Stop calling me!!! People need to get a real job.

January 27 8:51 pm
I got a few text from them asking me where there money was and there name is nick i don't know anyone nick and I don't owe anyone money

January 7 1:43 am
Guy with Indian accent claiming to be 'Adam Foster' called from '012-345-6789' and gave me the number 201-620-3170. Asked me to turn on my computer so he could 'guide' me. Claimed to be from Microsoft and told me I had downloaded something that is compromising my Windows Operating system that needed to be removed from my computer. I don't HAVE Windows OS.

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