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Latest Comments for 559-408

January 22 10:10 am
If I would be able to discover this callers real number, my money is against it being as displayed on the caller ID. In other words, Ill bet most anything they are not really calling from 800-555-1212. They are most likely spoofing that oh-so-common directory assistance number because they dont want you to have any real information on them. I just hung up on whomever they are without attempting to discover what they want, because Ill have no part of it.The caller hangs up when he/she realizes that you are not going to play the game by their rules... Good for you.

January 21 6:16 pm
Wow I to got a call as everyone else with the same intimidating threats. I did pay 500 on a prepaid card and am scheduled to pay the rest this weekend. I like the others on here got very scared when he started saying that they can file charges. He did send me an email with payment arrangement but no validity of the debt. I also call the 773-770-4884 number and the 866 number provided on the email and it always goes directly to Steven Weinberg desk.seems there is no one else who works there.. So I am not paying more to this man till I receive validity of debt.

January 3 9:48 am
Total liar rip off artist evo threw him up fir being a scammer cops were looking for him for last scam he ran with steve Geffin and Daniel Talafre career scammers run as fast ad u can away froThese scammers they are being sued left and right hopefully cops will shut them down soon before they bankrupt anymore small businesses across Canada what s scam

January 6 12:21 am
Got a call around 11H00 AM June 6 2012. They asked for the owner (me). Dont now who gave them my name. I said No thanks, I dont have time to bother with it. This company (CPS) seems to have a website but I wont start to give personal info onver the phone to any stranger. Seems a SCAM, anyway I have added them to my blocked call list. We have something else to do than losing time with telemarketers.

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