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Latest Comments for 559-420

June 27 9:24 pm
I have Verizon and when I redialed the number, I got a message about the Verizon customer being unavailable.

June 27 11:33 am
I did this, still get the calls

June 27 6:37 pm
Thats correct! They called me saying the government randomly selected me for a $5000 grant. Then he asked for my bank info. I asked him, What is my name? He would not answer it then finally he gave me a wrong name. I gave him a bank # and then he asked for the code. I said u dont need the code for deposits, only for spending then I hung up. Its a scam.

June 27 5:23 am
Dave is quite correct. Sorry to burst your bubble

June 27 1:59 pm
i got this call too... i missed the calls (they called twice). I'm from Canada and noone in California has my number except for a online retailer.

June 27 11:52 am
Same here, ZAm, I received a call but there was no message.

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