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January 17 6:29 pm
I just recieved a phone call from a woman stating that she saw my fiances listing on craigslist for his company. She stated that she wanted to partner with him bc she has clients in our area that she could reach out to. Once i told her we were not looking to partner she snapped off stating that bc the first name of the company was a man that she would assume that i do not make the head decisions of his company to give her the phone number of a more educated person. If i could have reached through the phone i would have. They must have looked up who owns our cell phone numbers bc they have also tried to contact through my childs cell phone. Using a child to get info. Classic

January 16 12:49 am
If this isnt a CapitalOne sponsored reply I dont know what is. Yes, having problems, best to call THEM, but until youre ready and have a workable plan, talking to these robots is of no use- just block them.

January 19 9:00 am
Probably not. Just got a new G4 and there blocking feature doesnt work. They say not them. My response is bs and told them so.

January 2 5:25 am
This is a PayPal scammer who is trying to rob you

January 11 2:58 pm
This was the number that was used in response to a Craigs List ad but when I called it was not a working number.

January 11 9:47 am
What number is this? 19:10 called

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