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Latest Comments for 561-736

January 6 11:42 am
The guy is rude and vulgar with a heavy accent. Said his name was Eddie, had my SS# and my place of employment. I said I was reporting him and he told me that he was contacting my employer and that I would be losing my job. I called the number back and he said his name was Charles Green. I asked for the address to contact the authorities and he said some very inappropriate things. He said hes from the NYS division of criminal justice. I contacted that department and reported it.

January 19 7:25 pm
Want to but health insurance

January 20 1:58 pm
May not be a " B of A" card - If you hava a MBNA Mastercard, or FIA card services is on your bill, it is owned by B of A.

January 18 1:20 am
Do all the people who are getting this call have there phone number in the Facebook profile? I use my google voice number in my Facebook profile and I don't have this number published any where else.

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