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Latest Comments for 562-800

February 16 10:41 pm
It is a total scam. They are trying to get your information. I got it so many times I finally picked up when I saw the number and even if you pick up you get the prerecorded message. I also finally called and yelled at the person as I was so angry and he said he would remove my number from the auto dialer.I am not holding my breath. Sons of [***].

February 16 2:06 pm
Was told my dad had a civil criminal complaint against him and that they couldnt reach him so they were going through family members. Told to call this number immediately refrencing number LT1790.

February 16 12:17 pm
I have gotten calls from (305) 647-5200 for a while now. I just answered their call this morning. A woman told me that I opened an account with them last year. I told her that I was going to report her if she called again. She said that she would call back, but so far she hasn't. I read on another complaint page that someone from this number is running the same scam. They are apparently saying that people opened up an account with them a year ago. It's obvious that they are saying this in hopes that people will think that they forgot and maybe send them money. Don't give them any information. If they call me again, I will ask them if they think I owe them something, then why haven't they sent me a bill through regular mail like legitimate companies do. If they ask for my address I'll say, I don't owe you anything because I never opened an account with you, but since you say I did, then give me your address, but I won't give you mine.

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