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January 16 6:58 pm
Frankie the same exact thing happened to me with him talking about my computer being messed up. I hung up on him and he called back three times.Each time i hit the F U button. He gave up for three days now im gettingthe calls again. P.s i never got these calls until i got comcast. Within a week the calls started to come.

January 25 7:31 am
Yup.its true. the DO NOT CALL list doesnt work one bit. Ive been on there for years and I STILL get spamming calls and telemarketer calls. Every now & then I even get one in spanish. I dont even know spanish!

January 18 11:51 pm
iam getting it too a lady saying she is ill and wants to leave me 10 million usd to do good in the world !

January 1 4:09 am
Got this call from the same number, I missed the call but they left a message. Well they left the phone on and hurd mummbling noises, like a butt dial. anyway did not call it back but was curious why I got a call from that number. Very strange!

January 24 3:33 pm
ID said Processing, when I answered all I got was dead air then they hung up.

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