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June 20 3:25 am
i got a call today from these ppl and no one can speak any good English at all. They tell me that i have 2 warrants for my arrest from New York that I have never been to. I was told that I have a warrant and I have to call Officer McCllums at 315-828-7790. After talking to this egg head for a while he wanted to make sure I didn't have any other crimes against me and I do not. He said I could go to jail for 11 months, and forced hard labor and have to pay $5,500 if I was arrested then I told him that he needs to contact the Navy Base in Gulfport MS and contact the Navy JAG and give them all the information about the warrants and they will not do it. Keeps telling me if i do not take care of this that i will be arrested. So i contacted the Local FBI Fraud depot and they called and got him on the phone and he hung up as soon as he figured out that the agent on the phone was tracing the call.

June 20 8:29 am
calling a emergency my cell phone. in spanish and cash regeister ring up in the background. leave me alone

June 20 7:43 am
Didn't acknowledge my "hello" snd hung up on me.

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