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July 19 10:10 pm
If that is what you truly believe, than no one should stand in your way, but do not let people take advantage of you because of that belief. Do not become naive because of your faith. That is how people get scammed, which I have seen done to mainly devoted Christians numerous times. Just be careful and remember not everyone is good.

July 19 5:38 pm
Called on Dec 3. Man with a literate Indian accent knew my name and my email which is of concern. Very pushy. Clearly trying to get to my home computer with a serious and repeating security problem yesterday. Since I do have Norton360 and renewed within 24 hours of the call, I wonder if Norton has some people in India selling info out the back door of their call centers. I did report this to Norton. I also asked the town police and local newspaper to post this as an active scam.

July 19 1:41 pm
I have researched and is an actual company in Arizona. But its internet source is hacked by all kinds of spam companies disguising themselves as bandwidth (a company that trains businessmen and women). So bandwidth gets all these blames of spam calls when they really arent doing those spam calls. Spam companies hacked bandwidth. So the security on bandwidth was so weak on security that they got hacked. Bandwidth needs new source with protected security. Like another thing, google can get hacked by spam companies too through links, doesnt necessarily mean google is getting hacked. The spam company is able to pull peoples personal information from any internet source, satellite dishes provide internet all over the world. No idea how or if a satellite dish is even hackable. Internet is getting more advanced than it was before, i still remember when cellphones came out when I was in middle school. Now cellphones are basically smaller versions of tablets right now. Went from a computer, to a laptop, to a smart phone, to a tablet, yea its a lotta changes.Do not apply for loans online, stuff like duisguized itself as a loan company, its Indian loan ish company that screw people over, if u have incompleted application for a gentle, simply call them and say; hi I was filling an application out online, but my application is not completed, and I dont understand why some of the others are calling me a lot, it turned out i was able to get money some other way. Could you please remove me from the call list. (Say it sweet and innocently), then they will happily remove you from the call list.Oh and car loan company lol, and etc. There is a volcano, in Yellowstone plateau, if it ruptures like literally, then a thick black ash spreads all across the u.s. And would put out technological communications in part of u.s and hopefully ruin the bandwidth internet source Ha. So, people please, the internet is not as safe as it used to be. Do not do put personal info on internet, or really personal info on Facebook, or twitter (people have been mugged, and murdured by simply using twitter). Very sad and sick things out in the world.Please people, never let your guard down, its getting more dangerous out there.

July 19 7:19 am
Trying to fundraise, wouldn't take no for an answer.

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