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Latest Comments for 573-403

December 4 2:50 am
What was the scam ? Interested because I texted with him and then all of a sudden, gone

December 4 8:21 pm
Got a call from this number this morning.. (Im in Australia)I did not answer as I didnt recognise this number. But yesterdayI applied for supplements online, had to enter my details, when I got to the end of the page they wanted my credit card details, the page was not secured.. I did not give them my cc details or payment...I can only presume that this is the company trying to call me...

December 4 7:57 pm
Thanks for the tip on using this website - I entered my phone number but used a fake name just in case they are trolling to see if its a valid number and to put a real name to the phone number - HA! Fooled Ill wait to see if the removal really works - itd better, or Ill sic the FCC on them...

December 4 9:09 pm
Yes, I know. Our crew was there filming. Funny damn stuff! Dont worry, we wont be asking you for a release or anything LOL.

December 4 8:09 pm
"Mastercard Debit Card"

December 4 1:00 am
Left a message that started in the middle of a message. I did not listen to it because it sounded as though it was some type of political survey. Call ID stated St. Louis, MOThe number they called is on the Do Not Call List. Once again, the call list is abused.

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