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February 16 9:10 pm
This POS with a heavy middle eastern accent called me today to state he was from the Dept of Corrections in New York and someone had filed criminal charges against me. He stated I had to pay 3000.00 or go to jail. He stated he had my social security number and employers information. He stated I had 30 minutes to pay the fine or I would be arrested at work. Once I started questioning him about the information he supposedly had, he became irate and started yelling and cursing at me. I refused to give him anything and told him I was reporting him and his POS middle eastern company to the FTC and the Do Not Call registry (which I did) and hung up the phone. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! REPORT THIS POS to the FTC and the Do Not Call Registry! These jerks need to go down! Get the eff out of our country [***]!

February 16 1:43 pm
I didnt answer the call because it said unknown but I was left a voice message that stated a complaint had been filed against me, gave me a case number, and that if I didnt contact them a decision would be made within 24 hours without my knowledge of it. When I called back, a woman answered the phone, ask me if I had a case number and she transferred me. I was put on hold while I googled the number and then I hung up. I immediately received another call from 682-225-3732 which I did not answer and will ignore. This has to be a super scam, please be aware of this and thanks for the other messages left on this blog.

February 16 1:34 am
does anyone know the address for this phone number thank you

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