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Latest Comments for 580-824

January 22 12:46 am
You lying sloppy IDIOT scammer: The last 4 digits is EXACTLY what identifies your Credit Card number. The Scammers have the general upper numbers (from stolen credit cards and from well documented bank codes), its the last sets of digits that are unique to each card holder.Scamming scum cant win on these board (you mathematically challenged morons), because the number of people receiving the calls way outnumbers the scammers making the calls. If you people were so smart, you wouldnt be engaged in this weakminded business, youd be getting the big money for developing real software. So youll get swamped everytime you lie.

January 1 11:55 pm
Picked up the call, no answer. Creep = don't answer the phone.

January 18 2:44 am
Called twice today, answered the 2nd time. This time was for 'no obligation' car insurance quote. Ugh! Told him I wasn't interested, but I'm sure it won't be the last call I get from this number. A few days ago when I missed the call I called the number and got a magic Jack recording!

January 7 1:21 pm
called at 2:40pm EST August 11th. left no message.

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